I Can’t Bear Partir…

Just to let you know x2…

sparks of ara

^^^ partir means to leave in French.

I know I said I was leaving, but as much as I have thought about it, I can’t. I can’t finish. So (I am too indecisive!) I am giving up my AG blog, but still posting dolls here. About the private blog, it will have to say goodbye. Just one blog for me, but you can still look at the AG blog.

So, that’s that. Thanks for bearing with me, and look out for a Top Disney Movies post!

~ Arabella

(ps: Ariana is making a sign-off for me! Look out for that!)

pps: Sorry for this. I seriously am too indecisive, so you may blame me. I can’t control my indecisive-ness.

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La Fin

Just to let you know… 😦

sparks of ara

^^ In case you guys didn’t know, that means The End in French. And no, this isn’t a story.

Hey guys! Before I start, I’d like to say be trip was awesome and I bought something at American Girl.

And I’d like to say sorry, but…

I’m done with blogging.

I don’t mean it like shut down everything, but I’m not going to be posting anymore. I’ll try to read posts and chat with some of my blogging friends, though. My blogs will stay up incase I come back again.

Please feel free to chat with me, I’d love to talk! 🙂


This just means I’m not posting anymore, but will read other people’s posts. Deal?

Bye! I REALLY don’t want to do this, but I know I should. And prepare for me to come back in a month or…

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Lila’s Time!


Heeeey everyone! It’s Lila! This post is all about me today! Arabella’s gone on a trip, and is likely away by the time you read this. I really hope she brings one of us, but it’s doubtful. She might come back with a goody for us dolls, though.

First, since you probably barely know me, I’ll do a little Q&A. I’m just listing questions, sorry. But feel free to ask some in the comments! I’d be happy to answer them when Arabella comes back! Wait, we should do a Lila Q&A!

What is your name? Lila (I was about to be named Eve or Eva!)

How old are you? When Arabella plays with her sister, it’s SIX because of her sister’s dolls ages, which is fun. But here, it’s 11. Or Arabella might change it back to six. We’ll see. It’s not the main age for other dolls, though.

Favorite song? Broken Glass by Rachel Platten!

How many sisters do you have? 5 sisters! 2 are not AG, though.

So ask away! When Arabella gets back, I’ll have them answered!

Question for all the dolls and humans: What doll or sister do you want next? I want either Luciana or #69, since she looks like me. But Arabella doesn’t want another doll with curly/wavy hair.

So, I think that’s it for today! So get asking and answering! Arabella is probably on the [plane as you’re reading this! Well, maybe not. I don’t know, just that she won’t be home then.


Vacation Break {NOT right now}


“Psst… Isabelle! It’s time!”



“Coming! I need to look perfect-o! Alright, I’m coming.”


“Anyone? Nope. Let’s start.”


“Alright. Welcome back to Arabella’s (formerly known as Acadia AG- but we only call her Arabella or Mom) blog, AG & Me! It’s Kit and Isabelle-Smell-”


“Okay, I won’t, Bellie-Button.”

“Stop it! Or I’ll leave!”

“Okay, fine. So anyways, we are here to take to everyone here. No, wait, we’re actually informing you. So, you see-”

“Kit, I should be the one to talk. Because this might be my last ever post with them.”

*everybody gasps*

“Might not be, Mom said that she might not have to sell you- oooooops. Now they know. But fine, you tell them one news I’ll tell the other two.”

“That’s not fair, but fine. Anyways, Arabella is going on 2 trips soon so she’s going to be absent a bit until early August. It’s just tiny breaks, so she’ll try to post as often as she can. So barely any posts for you!”


“Okay then she’s going to be away from posting a lot.”

“Mom said it’s not a lot-”

“Shush!! But yeah, Arabella might not be posting a bunch. But she’ll try. Kit, your turn.”

“Now, the second thing is that Isabelle might be getting selled. Sold? Well, Arabella might sell Isabelle to get money for something. You already know that if you’d read above.”

“Tell them the happy news.”

“Oh, and that money will help her for a new doll! Hopefully the doll will be awesome. I’m betting on #62 or Luciana.”

“Yeah, those are the ones Arabella is thinking about! She only needs $52 more, so by September 29… uh, new story. Arabella’s going to get the money somehow so we can get a new sister soon.”

“Speaking of new sister… do they know about Maggie?”

“I don’t think so, but let’s not talk about Maggie.”

“Okay. I think we’re done, Busy Izzy.”


“Too bad, Smellie Bellie.”


“Mom, it’s Kit. Everything’s fine now.”

“Why did you do that???”

“Because. I’m the best and youngest. I never get in trouble, so I want to keep it that way.”


“Bye!!! Wait, why are we outside?”

“I pulled some tricks. You know me.”

So, moral of the story:

a) I’m going to be gone a bit

b) I may be getting a new doll

c) I may be selling Izzy (not likely)

d) NEVER let Isabelle and Kit post together, as that ends in catastrophes.

Anything to say? Talk to me!

Acadia AG



Quick Fun Facts About AG!

Hi guys! I’m here with a quick fun fact about American Girl! Hope you enjoy!

Screenshot-2018-6-30 American Girl Create Your Own.png

1)  If you want a CYO with a pixie-cut, then you have to select the doll(s) with a pixie cut before designing your doll. I noticed pixie cut wasn’t an option, but then I saw that I could pick one before designing. Do you think this was a mistake for AG, or do you think that they did it on purpose?

What post do you want next? Do you think I should do some sort of blog party?

Acadia AG.png


Acadia AG’s Advice: Picking One Doll

So, I was going to do advice where you could send in a question, but I barely have any followers at the moment. So today I’ll be talking about how to pick just one doll!

1) Specifications: this means hair color, eye color, hair length, skin, line, etc. I recommend getting a doll with straight hair because wavy hair is very tiring to do, and you have to do it frequently. You might have all light-skin dolls and want a dark skinned for a change.

One tip: go to all the dolls on the AG site. Next, you an pick out specifications on the sidebar. You probably already know this, but it’s a good tool to use!

2) Recommendations: Read reviews on blogs & the AG site to see what other people think of different dolls. Also, if someone has a doll that you are thinking about, ask them about the doll and look at the doll (if someone who lives nearby)

3) In Person: Lastly, I think you should go to AG with several ideas. Look at all of the dolls on the list. Who knows? You may come home with a doll you love better then the rest and didn’t think you’d buy!

So, that was short, but I hope you got a good idea out of it! Any questions about picking one doll? I can answer it! Also, do you want a “What I think of…” post next or a “Saving Up $115” post?

As always, I hope you talk with me and have fun!

~ Acadia AG